HAPE-COLLECTION opens its doors to new users!

Ready to plunge headlong into the world of NFT? It does not matter for us who you are: an experienced hunter for masterpieces or a beginner, or just a lover of rare intellectual property objects - here you will certainly find a worthwhile product that has no analogues!

Rewards end in:
01 Days
14 Hours
36 Minutes
59 Seconds

Why should you join now?

You are reading this text at a historic moment: we are launching the Airdrop NFT!

We are launching the Airdrop NFT!

You are reading this text at a historic moment: we are launching the NFT-Airdrop ! For a thousand of the fastest and most daring users who will break into our marketplace after reading this post, we have prepared special and very valuable gifts that will take a special place both in your collection and in your heart!

monkey-reason-1 monkey-reason-1-responsive

Close your eyes and imagine that Bored Ape - any of them!

At one time, they attracted attention at the same time with their simplicity and unrealistic vibe of pathos and self-sufficiency - what can shake the equanimity of any Bored Ape? The answer is simple - its inferiority... We live in a world where more than two dimensions are available to a person for art, so we went much further and brought out a new species, the top of the food chain of the NFT universe - HAPE-PRIME! A real three-dimensional primate that gives its owner the status and the right to look down on everyone whose collection does not have the same expensive and exquisite NFT!

monkey-reason-2 monkey-reason-2

What will our new client get?

You may ask: what we prepared for the rest of the users? The answer will surprise you: 200 tickets will be drawn to give you an undreamt-of chance to participate in the whitelist, the date of which you will learn from official sources.

monkey-reason-3 monkey-reason-3

How to get a gift?

Do you already feel how such a status gift is on your virtual shelf, and are you eager to receive it? There are only three conditions, but each of them is mandatory: register on our marketplace and get a prize. To register, you must fulfill only three conditions:

Register using the metamask wallet (if it is not there, be sure to start it, since this is the only registration option);
Pay the Ethereum (gas) network fee for registration and participation in the Airdrop;
Have at least one successful purchase of an NFT object from a verified publisher on your address.

What is it for?

Everyone who has tried their hand at NFT understands that this special world is full of surprizes and rewards, that`s why we decided that a thousand daredevils who decide to take this desperate step will definitely get a chance for a special trophy! What are you waiting for? Register and get your well-deserved prize!

What are you waiting for?
what is it for

Community hype

HAPE is a great community and marketplace. I love being a member here truly, nothing but love for this website!


Boris Wick
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I'm not quite happy that the monkey collection isn't out yet. But let's be real this website is so awesome!

Missing APE collection

Filip Mravic
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I love the dedication with which the HAPE PRIME team create new NFT collections and set the trend. I am in anticipation of a future collection to rate it a 10+, but I can only give it 5 stars.

Big love from Ante

Antevante Joris
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As an NFT Jockey, I struggle to collect NFTs daily. This website allowed me to do exactly what I was looking for for the last three months.

The jockey

Alex Jones
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I'm not happy with how I got treated in the last marketplace and this seems to be nothing different. Just kidding! All the best.


John Doe
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HAPE has shown to me kindness and opened my eyes through their wonderful NFT collections. It's inspiring to see the work done here.

First comment

Lol Keks
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Metamask synchronization